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An organization is born! The Community Clean Water Institute (CCWI) was formed out of a grassroots movement of people concerned with the quality of the water in their rivers, streams, and watersheds, and out of the desire to have a scientific basis from which to proceed in advocating for clean water. The public health and environmental impacts of pollution in water are well known, but there is a surprising scarcity of data on the water quality of specific rivers and streams. What really matters is measured data. So we're here to measure it, and to make it matter. Community Clean Water Institute is spearheading a broad-based effort to expand the scientific understanding of water quality in the watersheds of the North Coast Region of the California Regional Water Quality Control Board through testing, monitoring, and education. The need for more data is vital to making smart decisions. Before elected officials or local watershed groups can plan land use, resource and water use, or conservation and restoration work, they need to know what the current situation is. To make this happen, through CCWI citizens are becoming stewards of the land, assessing their watersheds, becoming citizen monitors, networking, sharing information, and creating a baseline from which we can make smarter choices.

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